Custom Clothing Labels

Personalised garment labels for fashion clothes

Add extra value to the products you sell and make your Brand even more popular and requested on the market using custom hangtags with an exceptional design, plastic seals and woven labels with your own name or trademark.


Recommended products

BestLabels™ USA - Leading supplier of personalised garment labels specialised in printed fabric labels, brand name woven labels and other custom clothing labels for sewing or hang tags.
Faux leather labels - EP-M154

Faux leather label Model EP-M154

EP-M154 Custom labels made of faux leather Model EP-M154, for various clothing items, such as hats, scarves, hoodies, jackets and many others items.
41 USD / 50 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 50 pcs.
Garment Seal Tags - ST-M248

Plastic seal Model ST-M248

ST-M248 Plastic seal with cylindrical shape ST-M248 and an attractive design and custom text on two sides, suitable for various clothing items such as jeans, pants, ladies and men suits, and many other clothes, shoes and bags.
476 USD / 1.000 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 1.000 pcs.
Laundry care textile labels - TC-M31

Laundry care and sizes label Model TC-M31

TC-M31 Customized size laundry care label on a fine white satin, suitable for clothes, various clothing and textile products.
29 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
Hang Tags - HT-M94

Hang tag Model HT-M94

HT-M94 Cardboard labels for clothes with white seal, made of thick laminated cardboard with glossy foil and personalized with text or Brand logo.
36 USD / 100 Set
Minimum quantity: 100 Set
Woven labels - WL-M10

Woven name label Model WL-M10

WL-M10 Clothing label made of damask, woven with embroidery thread or lurex thread model WL-M10, personalized with the Brand name or logo.
122 USD / 500 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 500 pcs.
Brand name textile labels - TL-M86

Printed textile label Fashion Style Model TL-M86

TL-M86 Textile label printed with silver writing on satin model TL-86 Fashion Style, for clothes and various clothing items.
32 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
Clothing size labels - TL-M162

Size label for clothes Model TL-M162

TL-M162 Textile label with size printed on fine white satin Model TL-162, for clothes or various clothing accessories.
23 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
Woven labels - WL-M73

Woven label Mighty Style Model WL-M73

WL-M73 Woven label digital embroidered with a text and a custom logo model Mighty Style, suitable for various textile items such as ladies', men's, children's clothing, etc.
174 USD / 500 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 500 pcs.
Faux leather labels - EP-M127

Faux leather label Model EP-M127

EP-M127 Synthetic leather labels made of polyurethane PU to be sewn on various clothing articles, personalized with logo or brand name.
31 USD / 50 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 50 pcs.
Genuine leather labels - EP-M29

Genuine leather label Model EP-M29

EP-M29 Natural leather label EP-M29 for sewing on clothes, hoodies, sweaters, scarves, hats and clothing items like jeans and pants, customized with the name and logo of the brand.
50 USD / 50 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 50 pcs.
Laundry care textile labels - TC-M25

Laundry care label Model TC-M25

TC-M25 Laundry care label for clothes, customized with Digital printed texts on white satin, suitable for any clothing product.
28 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
Laundry care textile labels - TC-M409

Laundry care label Model TC-M409

TC-M409 Laundry care label with the material's composition and with sizes, customized to order with the manufacturer's data and the type of material, for sewing on clothes or various clothing items.
27 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
Hang Tags - HT-M118

Hang tag Vogue Style Model HT-M118

HT-M118 Personalized hang tag made of black cardboard with silver pattern, with a simple but very elegant design for clothes, shoes or various clothing accessories.
38 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
Woven labels - WL-M89

Woven label Model WL-M89

WL-M89 Woven label customized with the name or logo of the manufacturer, folded at both sides, suitable for clothes and various textiles.
145 USD / 500 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 500 pcs.
Brand name textile labels - TL-M137

Printed textile label Standard Style Model TL-M137

TL-M137 Textile label printed on satin model Standard Style, suitable for textiles, clothes, clothing accessories and more.
31 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
Faux leather labels - EP-M121

Faux leather label Model EP-M121

EP-M121 Synthetic leather labels personalized by laser engraving with logo or brand name Model EP-M121, for clothing or various handmade products.
34 USD / 50 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 50 pcs.
Garment Seal Tags - ST-M51

Plastic seal Model ST-M51

ST-M51 Plastic seal ST-M51 with a round shape, very elegant and beautiful customized on two sides with the Brand name or emblem, suitable for clothes, shoes, bags, etc.
464 USD / 1.000 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 1.000 pcs.
Hang Tags - HT-M100

Hang tag Model HT-M100

HT-M100 Brand label made by glossy white cardboard, including seal with string for hanging clothes or shoes.
29 USD / 100 pcs.
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.


Add value to your products with custom clothing hang tags with an exceptional design!

If you are manufacturer, importer or reseller under your own Brand of textile products, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, but also other types of products, and you want to add an extra image to your name, or highlight yourself compared to your main competitors, and the number of customers to grow significantly, you have found the right partner as label supplier!

We offer complete solutions for the professional labeling of your products, from the stage of hang tag graphic design up to providing the high quality custom labels, with an exceptional design and an attractive price!

On this web site you will find a wide range of cardboard labels that you can customize in real time (visually) exactly as you wish, through the interactive graphic hang tag builder, which you will find on the page of each product.

Basically, you can create the design of your own personalised labels in less than 5 minutes, and you can place the order for their production. Also, on the page of each individual custom label you will find the price and time required for production and delivery, depending on the quantities of garment labels that you selected.

Easy, concrete and very explicit! Even from the first contact with a potential customer, a quality product label transmits the quality and the originality of the product, and in long term the recognition on the market and the recommendation of your Brand name to other customers.


Increase the visual impact of your Brand and products with custom garment seal tags

If you already have custom hang tag exactly the way you wanted, but you wish even more to transmit to your customers the image of your own Brand and the quality of your products, we recommend you to choose the version that offers a much stronger impact on the image of the products that you offer, more exactly custom clothing tags attached to plastic seals, which can also be customized.

Of course, there are some simple solutions to catch the hang tag, such as the standard seal tag or the classical gun tagging label, but the visual impact on the client is extremely different.

A custom plastic seal tag attached to a product significantly increases its value and your own Brand value, and the client perceives this "message" through quality and originality, therefore your Brand becomes more and more known and requested on the market, and as a result your sales will increase!

Now you have the possibility to create your own custom plastic seal very simple and quickly, exactly as you want it!

On this web site you will find a variety of garment seal tags that you can customize in real time, even without graphic editing knowledge, and we will deal with their production.

Besides, contrary to the first impressions on the costs, you will be surprised with great prices, practically the custom plastic seal tag unit price is insignificant to any product that this would be attached!


Personalise your clothes with custom printed fabric labels and woven labels

Besides all the custom labels presented above, you definitely need woven labels sewn on each product whereon your Brand to be represented in the most beautiful way, but also other types of garment labels where to be specified important information such as product size, material composition, washing and maintenance instructions, country of origin, etc.

We offer you the possibility to create different types custom fabric labels very simply, with the help of the graphic custom label builder. On the web site you will find different models of garment labels for clothes made on textile fabric, suitable for various clothes but also for many other textile products, which you can customize in real time in less than 5 minutes.

We make 2 types of fabric labels: custom labels printed on satin or nylon and woven labels (Digital embroidered). Although we offer extraordinarily good prices for both types of textile labels, the difference between them is felt in price and in terms of use. Usually for customizing textile products these custom labels are used in combination: as Brand or name labels are used woven labels and as laundry care labels are used printed fabric labels.

Our company produce two types of sewing labels more precisely custom fabric labels printed on satin double tissue of different colors with a high quality, and custom woven labels made of damask using top technologies in the production process.

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