Custom Clothing Labels

Personalised garment labels for fashion clothes

Add extra value to the products you sell and make your Brand even more popular and requested on the market using custom hangtags with an exceptional design, plastic seals and woven labels with your own name or trademark.


Leather labels

Custom leather labels or imitation leather labels for clothing, footwear and other products.

The quality and the attractive design of a label is a direct sign which transmits to the customer the quality of the product, on which it is attached. Real leather labels or faux leather labels (PU) Jeans style, is an important component for jeans, jackets, shoes, workwear, caps and hats, but also for other clothing and accessories. We offer custom labels according to your requirements, made of natural leater or synthetic leather (polyurethane), with different types of shapes, printed with different colors, stamp hot pressed, embossed, etc.

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Currently the interactive graphic builder for products from the category leather labels is not available, but if you have a custom graphics in format .jpg, .png, .psd or .ai, you can attach and send us your file to get a price quotation, but also the estimated time necessary of production and delivery. Attention!! The minimum order quantity is 3000 pcs. for any model.
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